Aviv Refuah
Aviv Refuah was among the first Israeli entrepreneurs to enter the Internet field and has spearheaded multiple Internet projects.
He has guided the company from earliest concept through technology development, investments and the launch and refinement of innovative solutions.
Aviv’s vision, technological skill and entrepreneurial savvy have propelled the company’s product development, increasing business capabilities and successful penetration of new markets.
Eli Nhaissi
Founder of Aerotel Ltd., a telecommunications and telemedicine company. Successful high tech entrepreneur and inventor.
Holds patents for inventions in a wide variety of fields including telecommunications, gemology and Internet technologies
Zeev Refuah
Well-known senior business executive with vast managerial experience. Previously headed the Government Companies Authority and served as Head of the Privatization Project of the Israeli Government. Chief Executive Officer of Haft Refuah Ltd. Financial and Business Consultants. Chairman of Malam Group, former director of companies including Bezeq, EL AL, Paz Investments, and Israel Electricity Corporation.
Moshe Morag
Mr. Moshe Morag served as Chief Executive Officer of Industrial Buildings Corp., Ltd.
Mr. Morag served as General Manager of Industrial Buildings Corp., Ltd.
He has over 40 years of general management experience with 21 years devoted to large real estate corporations. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of MirLand Development Corporation PLC., for 4 years.
Prior to that, Mr. Morag served as IBC’s Chief Executive Officer for a period of 12 years and as Chief Executive Officer of Development Corporation for Caesarea for 5 years.
Miri Naveh
Experienced manager and business consultant specializing in finance and marketing.
Planned and implemented high-level projects including a toll collection system for a trans-national highway and the merger of leading advertising and PR firms.
Director of major Israeli public companies in banking, where she served as vice chairman of the board, and in telecommunications, electronic components and construction, for companies including Bezeq-Call Communications, Global Wire and Merhav Group. Previously served as manager of special projects at Bezeq. Founded and served as CEO of Gazit Finance, a subsidiary of a publicly traded company, focusing on auto leasing and financing for the business and private sectors, which grew to be a leader in its field.